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Terms of Service

01 Disclaimer

1. Collection, processing, and utilization of personal data

When you visit this website or use the available services provided by this website. We may ask you to provide the necessary personal data and process and use your data within the scope of the specific purpose; written consent, this website will not use personal data for other purposes.

When you use interactive functions such as service mailboxes and questionnaires, this website will retain the name, email address, contact information, and usage time you provided.

During normal browsing, the server will record relevant actions by itself, including the IP address of the connected device, usage time, browser used, browsing and clicking data records, etc., as a reference for us to improve website services. This record is for internal use and is never made public.

To provide accurate services, we will conduct statistics and analyses on the content of the questionnaires collected and present the statistical data or explanatory text of the analysis results. Except for internal research, we will publish the statistical data and descriptive text as necessary but not specific data, such as personal information.


2. Data protection

The host of this website has firewalls, anti-virus systems, and other related information security equipment and necessary security protection measures. To strict protect this website and your data by the standards are adopted. There is only authorized personnel who can access your personal information. The relevant processing personnel has signed confidentiality contracts. Anyone who violates the confidentiality obligations will be subject to applicable legal sanctions.

Suppose it is necessary to entrust other units to provide services due to business needs. In that case, this website will also strictly require them to comply with confidentiality obligations and take necessary inspection procedures to ensure that they will indeed comply.